Mandatory Generic Substitution

As a natural evolution in our Optimal Drug Plan Management philosophy, since 2013 Mandatory Generic Substitution has been our standard offering for all plans we manage. 

Generic drugs are equally safe, proven effective and deliver the same health outcomes as brand name medications. The active ingredients of generic medications are absorbed into the body at the same rate, deliver the same therapeutic effect and can be safely interchanged with typically higher priced brand medications. All drugs sold in Canada must be approved by Health Canada – each product must meet strict regulations and both generic and brand name drugs are subjected to the very same rigorous standards.

With Mandatory Generic Substitution, even if the member submits a prescription with “No substitution” indicated at the pharmacy, the plan will only reimburse up to the lowest interchangeable price. For instances when a medically substantive need occurs and members must remain on the brand name drug, we have developed an Exception Process through our in-house Special Authorization Unit.