Specialty Drug Plan Management

As a group benefits partner, we understand how essential it is to provide affordable drug benefits to our plan sponsors and their members, especially given the rise in prescription drug costs over the past two decades.

Our solution has never been spending more money, but finding ways to spend more wisely. Our Optimal Drug Plan Management approach is providing plan sponsors up to 25% in savings on specialty spend.

Key features of our new investments to increase savings, improve utilization, and enhance the member experience include:

  • Our Patient-first Network - Our enhanced approach to case management facilitates the interaction between the patient support program, physician and pharmacists to proactively manage the program steps for the member from prescription, treatment to renewal.
  • Specialty Pharmacy Agreements* - Patients diagnosed with serious chronic diseases requiring complex treatments can now access a network of specialty pharmacies to ensure they are provided with expert clinical care while delivering additional savings for plan sponsors through contained dispensing fees and markups on targeted specialty drugs.
  • Strategic pharmaceutical partnerships – We have added resources to our Drug Management Solutions team focused on leveraging and cultivating strategic relationships within the pharmaceutical industry.

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Innovations in savings and support

Patient-first Network - Caring support at a difficult time