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With 70 years of expertise in benefits plan management, our knowledge in this field is unparalleled. Yet, we continue to innovate, with a focus on reducing costs for our clients and helping employers promote good health among their employees.

Trusted expertise

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Our highly-skilled benefit management team brings you the best value.

More than the bottom line

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Our innovative solutions not only reduce cost, but create wise health consumers and engaged plan members.

Improvements for you

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We constantly innovate to bring you better service and value.

Promoting healthy lifestyles

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Our products are aimed at preventing disability and absenteeism and getting people back to work.

We build relationships that matter

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Our strong engagement with our plan members is built on years of trust and performance.

We have many choices to meet your group benefit needs.

Health Benefits

High-quality benefits at an affordable cost, plus choice and expertise.

Personalized Health Management

Check out our interactive health management tool.

Organizational Health

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