Elements is our most personal insurance plan

Everyone lives life a little differently, which can make it difficult to find a health insurance plan that fits your unique needs and lifestyle. That’s why we designed Elements to be simple, flexible, and responsive to you.

Elements can help you pay for both routine and unexpected expenses not covered by your provincial health plan. And because life changes, you can adjust your coverage to match your life and your budget, now and later.

It’s simple:

choose the modules that fit.

It’s flexible:

upgrade your benefits on key life events.

It’s responsive:

adjust your coverage to make it more affordable knowing you can increase again on key life events.

What are key life events?

Upgrade your plan without the need for medical qualification when:

• A spouse is added or removed from your plan

• Dependent is added or removed from your plan

How to build your plan

Elements lets you build your coverage around your life so you can live the way you want and know you’re covered. Start with Entry, Essential, or Enhanced health benefits, then mix and match your other coverage by selecting the elements that work for you.

Health benefit covers you for Vision care and various Health practitioners.

Three levels to choose from:


No overall maximum on drug coverage.

Two levels to choose from:


Covers you for Dental Exams, Cleanings and Fillings and more, depending on the level.

Three levels to choose from:


Add on benefits to customize your plan.

Three options to choose from... choose one, two or all three!

Critical Illness
Hospital Cash
Assured Access

Download a printable version of Elements plan details (PDF)

Elements provides you the security and peace of mind to live and be well— no matter where life takes you.